.ECO Sustainability Policy

Updated: January 19, 2022

Big Room Inc. is the registry for the .ECO domain, the online home for the global environmental community. As an active member of the community, we are working to build an eco-friendly internet and a better world.

We are the world's first carbon neutral domain registry certified under PAS 2060. This means that this means that any emissions associated with managing .eco domain names is accounted for and offset. We are committed to reporting regularly on our environmental impacts.

We believe that by working with like-minded people and organizations throughout the .eco community, we can collectively act to reduce waste, water, energy use, and greenhouse gas emissions.


We believe that transparency is the best way to lead by example and to counter greenwashing. We encourage transparency within the .eco community and we try to live by these ideals.



Our most significant impact is related to the energy use of our core infrastructure and services. We have prioritized providers committed to reducing their carbon footprint. We are actively working with CIRA, our key infrastructure provider, to better understand, reduce, and mitigate the impact of .eco.

Key suppliers and their policies

SupplierRoleRelevant policies
Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA)Domain registry servicesCIRA's commitment to the environment
Amazon Web Services, Inc.Cloud Service ProviderSustainability in the cloud
Google, Inc.Cloud Analytics Service ProviderGoogle Sustainability
Wildbit LLC (Postmark)Cloud Email ServiceWildbit's 2020 environmental footprint
Intercom, Inc.Cloud-based Customer Support ServicesNot available


Big Room is operated 100% remotely. We incorporate the energy use of our home offices into our carbon footprint. We also maintain a set of policies related to procurement, energy efficiency, waste, and travel.


Policy: To limit our energy consumption, we

  • ensure computers and monitors operate in energy saving mode, and turn them off when not in use
  • use LED lighting wherever possible and turn off lighting when the office is not in use

Greenhouse gas emissions

Policy: To limit the greenhouse gas emissions that we create, we

  • Track our carbon emissions and actively work to reduce them, offsetting the residuals through high-quality carbon offsets
  • Minimize our road and air travel by using video-conferencing and encouraging working from home


Policy: To limit the amount of garbage that goes to landfill, we

  • Extend the life of all our existing electronic equipment wherever possible
  • Recycle any end-of-life electronics through a responsible on-shore electronics recycling service
  • Reduce printing
  • Recycle all paper and paper products
  • Recycle toner cartridges with a reputable provider


Policy: To encourage and support businesses that are part of the global environmental community we maintain a Supplier Policy outlining actions we undertake, including

  • Favouring suppliers with certifications, including B Corporations, and those that support diversity including minority and women-owned businesses
  • Purchasing electronic equipment that is Energy Star and/or EPEAT Gold certified
  • Buying FSC certified paper
  • Choosing environmentally certified cleaning products
  • Buy goods that are locally produced where possible